To Live In Peace

The trailer for Hulu’s adaptation of Catch-22 filtered into my YouTube recommendations this week. I was surprised I hadn’t heard anything about it before. I don’t know if America is ready for something that isn’t 100% rah-rah cheerleading for “The Good War”, and this clearly is not.

The only two men I knew who saw combat in World War II were both transformed by their experiences into opposing war for the rest of their lives. The first was a distant relative from England who was an artilleryman with the British 8th Army in North Africa. The other, Bill Hochman, was one of my college professors. He served in the Navy, saw action in the Mediterranean, and survived being torpedoed in the English Channel. Professor Hochman died this month at the age of 97. In 2012, he wrote this essay for the alumni bulletin – “To Live In Peace“.