Interesting analysis of ancient descriptions of the effects of battle or other stresses to determine whether ancient soldiers were affected by combat in the way modern soldiers are. But the kicker really comes at the 16 minute mark and should knock you right on your ass with what we force young men and women to do when we send them into combat:

“…killing is wrong. It’s fundamentally wrong. And this is what we tell people right up to the moment we say, ‘Oh, right. Here, Atkins, take this rifle and, you see those people over there you’ve never met? Go and shoot them in the face.’

“So, you’re asking someone to do something that’s absolutely against everything that he’s been brought up to believe. You’re telling people to break a taboo and do something they do not want to do. Humans do not naturally want to kill other humans. And so the stress of having to break a taboo on your own, with all this loud noise, when you’re incredibly sleep-deprived, and then day after day after day after day of this is likely to drive men mad.

“In fact, unfortunately, there have been enough wars where people have been in highly stressful situations – in peril, being shelled for day after day – today we can come up with the stat that after 60 days of this, 98% of people will go mad. 98% of people will be driven out of their heads by that.“

The other 2% are psychopaths.