I got up and told the team that any company can copy what we have built, but we just have to go on and build the things we want to build because nobody else has that roadmap.

Dennis Crowley while being interviewed by Fred Wilson

This is the problem with trying to copy other people’s businesses, especially in dynamic spaces.  You can only copy what you see, not what is actually happening.  

In the businesses where I have had close competitors I have always tried to be very careful to not watch them too closely.  If you see what they are doing it is hard to think differently and you end up becoming a me too company.

And a little back up to this idea comes from Mark Zuckerburg in a interview he did with Inside Facebook, “Most of the lessons I take away from the whole thing now are that, as good as I think they (twitter) are, I think I personally just paid too much attention to it.”

(via siminoff)