“All Your Base” As Translated by Google

The war has just begun. 
Captain: I do say that one [sic]! 
Engineer: someone who is so bomb. 
Operator: captain! Communication got! 
Captain: take nothing! 
Operator: the vision comes to the main screen. 
Captain: Wow you are! ! 
CATS: You look to the past, gentlemen. 
CATS: the cooperation of the federal government, you are our base, all you CATS. 
CATS: We also ship you will end soon. 
Captain: it fit my gosh! 
CATS: You have to help us appreciate. 
CATS:残RI少NAI life at best, catering to it. 
Operator: captain. 
Captain: ZIG-marching orders to all! ! 
Captain: They have to leave now. 
Captain: We hope for the future of 
Captain: I beg. ZIG! !