There is an easy formula for doing it wrong: publish attention-getting bullshit and pull stunts to generate mindless traffic.

Daring Fireball: Obsession Times Voice

This sums up what went wrong with the comic book industry in the mid-90s. Revenue skyrocketed on speculation-driven sales. You got the multiple version covers of the same story. Lots of cross-title tie-ins to drive the “completist” purchaser. The industry became a circus of “can you top that?” packaging stunts. And then those speculators found they couldn’t unload their hoarded gold-foil-edition-zero-mini-comics for anything approaching the original (inflated) purchase price and fled the “market”. Same thing happened to sports cards.

Crowd-driven insanity isn’t limited to stocks and real estate. The bubble inflation machine works on the buyer and the seller. It takes a strong spine and stomach to resist going along with the mob mentality.