Rebellions are built on hope.




You will find that many of the truths we cling to depend greatly on our own point of view.


That’s the other thing.  Let your style follow your passion and your ecstasy, you know?


Learn about Ralph McQuarrie’s iconic illustration for the first Star Wars novel ever published.

An extremely detailed map of the 2016 presidential election” – NY Times
California’s political bubbles are getting worse” – California Sun

Shown above: my bubble


beekeepers in Ribeauvillé, a town located in the Alsace region, have noticed that bees there have been making honey in many strange colors. Bees have been returning to apiaries (places where beehives are kept and honey is made) with different colors coating their bodies. The colors then end up contaminating the honey. 

A recent investigation revealed that a nearby M&M’s factory is behind the change in color. Waste from the factory has been exposing the bees to a number of chemicals. Some of the chemicals are used in the outer shells of the bite-size candies, which come in many bright colors. The local beekeepers do not know if the polluted honey is dangerous to eat, but they are not taking any chances. They are throwing away the candy-colored honey, which means a big loss to local businesses. “For me, it’s not honey,” Alain Frieh, leader of the town’s beekeepers union, tells the Reuters news agency. “It’s not sellable.”

U.S. Space Force logo by David Reinfurt. More on Bloomberg BusinessWeek.