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Julie Zhuo on the Lessons of Good Design

Bang & Olafson redesigned its “Play” line packaging. The “before” feels much more inline with the overall brand experience, but perhaps it wasn’t doing the job it was meant for? Or, maybe someone got infatuated with focus group results? Fascinating dilemma.

TypeHike.com – over 60 different designer posters for sale benefiting the National Parks Service.

(I grew up near Mesa Verde.)


Series Design 2015

Swiss style color picker

Reading Design is an online archive of critical writing about design. The idea is to embrace the whole of design, from architecture and urbanism to product, fashion, graphics and beyond. The texts featured here date from the nineteenth century right up to the present moment but each one contains something which remains relevant, surprising or interesting to us today.


Kleenex boutique tissue box – When the tissue is running out, it changes colors from white to yellow. /via Nitin Julka