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No loading time, no charger needed, no updates necessary – Play-Doh

Love this. Perfect for millennial parents.

By TWO .AM, South Africa

Publishers who rise to condemn new (and still unproven) ad-blocking features on iOS and OS X ought to ask themselves one question: Who needs whom the most?

Apple’s move answers the question. No need to think it’s building ad-blocking technology to monopolize the field to the benefit of its iAd platform whose revenue can’t “move the needle” for a company where revenue and profits mostly come from hardware (see the last 10-Q report page 25). Apple’s “ulterior” motive is making everyday use of its products more pleasant, resulting in more sales: the usual ecosystem play.

It’ll be interesting to watch what happens on Android. Will Google help developers with ad-blocking tools to improve the mobile experience and protect privacy?

Do you really want to use up a third of that time pronouncing your predecessor a complete idiot, precipitately firing the agency, conducting all new market research to explain why the brand has stalled, hiring an agency search consultant, meeting dozens of agencies all over the world, narrowing the field once or twice, conducting tissue sessions, traveling widely for final presentations, hiring an agency, developing a new campaign, launching the campaign and, finally, waiting for the new campaign to gain enough traction to replace the old campaign, which has either gone really stale or has not been running at all throughout this process, causing everyone else in the “chief suite” to start glancing at their watches and wonder what’s going on?

Jeff Goodby – A Survival Guide to New CMOs: You Might As Well Go For It

We are living through a 21st century version of David Ogilvy’s maxim: “If all you want to do is attract attention, then you put a gorilla in a jockstrap.” It’s as though he predicted YouTube in 1983.

Craig Mawdlsey. Chief Strategy Officer. Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO. “The False Economy” (via peterspear)