If advertising were truly an idea business our job would be easy. You could just go around telling people your advertising ideas and they would probably like your ads a lot, at least the way they imagined them. But the truth is, it’s not an idea business. It’s an idea execution business. We create ads. Physical things that people look at and hold and interact with and inspect.

Great innovations are most likely to succeed when they are built on equal parts culture, design and business. Hybrid thinking, fluent in each of these domains, is more important when you look beyond the development of individual products. A lot of prototyping, by itself, does not a great business plan make.


I was fortunate enough to attend this panel this past summer. Great exchange of ideas between Bruce Nussbaum of Business Week, Tim Brown of IDEO, Claudia Kotchka of Procter & Gamble, and Gael Towey from Martha Stewart Omnimedia.