Stages of Fascism

“Stages in the rise of successful fascist movements such as in Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany

1. Initial creation of fascism movements combining doctrine, discontent, and growing numbers of adherents.

2. Rooting of the movement as a regular political party in the country’s political system.

3. Acquisition of power. Mussolini in 1921; Hitler in 1933

4. Exercise of power: among other things, the elimination of competing political parties or organizations such as labor unions, and the “winning over” of the armed forces.

5. Radicalization and degeneration, fragmentation, fall. Example in Nazi Germany, the growing restrictions on Jew, the appropriation of their property, and the destruction of the civil rights and “state citizenship.” Defeat in World War II.”

Based on this model, I’d suggest the United States is in stage four. More advanced than most people believe. There’s still hope for staving off disaster, but time is running out. The mid-term elections are more important than ever, as is the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.