Awhile back, the design-o-sphere was agog over WTHR, a weather app purportedly designed by following Dieter Rams’ renowned principles of good design. In truth, WTHR is a skeuomorphic imitation of what a physical weather app might look like had Rams designed one in the mid-1960s.

S°LAR*, on the other hand, adheres to Rams’ principles in their true spirit. It shows relative temperature with a gradient in the bottom and weather conditions in the top half. Subtle rain, snow, etc animations fall from the top of the screen. (Delightfully, the rain drops continue to fall straight down as you tilt the phone this way and that.) Touching the screen displays the specifics of conditions and temperature and location. Swipe left and right to move between locations and pinch to see four location tiles at once. Press and hold a tile to drag to rearrange, just like the iPhone home screen.

S°LAR replaced my rarely used flashlight app on my Home screen.

*S°LAR uses the degree symbol for an “O”, and this O turns into a loading progress indicator when searching for a new weather location. Another delightful little touch.