Wells Fargo’s New ATM Interface – useful and beautiful

When my family and I moved to Colorado from New York, I had assumed I could just stick with Bank of America. It is, afterall, named “Bank of America” and one would assume there were be a wide availability of branch locations in all 50 states. Nope. A quick reference to BoA’s nifty iPhone-formatted site shows that the nearest branch to me is in Souix City, Iowa. Plenty of ATMs nearby, but none that accept deposits. So, we switched to Wells Fargo, which has plenty of convenient locations nearby and pretty decent online banking, a feature of BoA that I was loathe to give up.

Today when I used the Wells Fargo ATM around the corner from the office, I noticed the new interface design. It features large, clean, easy to read type with simple colors and customized quicklink selections based on your previous ATM usage history. Of instance, if you typically use the machine to buy stamps or you always withdraw a specific amount of cash, those links are on the left side ready to quickly access after typing in your PIN. Makes me glad to make the switch. (Their online banking has some pretty great interface options that make me happy to leave BoA, as well.)

For a more detailed anaysis, complete with screenshots, check out Elson User Experience. I just wish I could figure out who is responsible for the design.